Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Weekend Pamper || Sticking to New Year's Resolutions

It's the middle of March, which is perhaps an unconventional time to review my New Years Resolutions, but I feel like I need to assess my progress and see what's working and what's not. Before we go any further, here are some of the goals which I set out to achieve earlier in the year:

1.      Post more often. I feel like I've done a decent job at achieving this goal, I certainly have gotten more into blogging of late. Of course I would love to blog more, but there are other things in my life which take up more of my time. I'm looking at you uni.
2.      Stop picking my zits. This is the goal Ive struggled with the most. Currently, I'm trying to break this habit using bribery, but more on that later.
3.      Look after my body skin more. A pretty successful goal so far in my opinion. I remember to put sunscreen on my neck almost every day, I cleanse it with a facial cleanser each evening and apply some samples of moisturisers and serums. 
4.      Eat more healthily. As with goal two, I struggle with this as well. I attempt to go by the 80% healthy food and 20% unhealthy, but some days that goes completely out the window. And my skin shows it the next day. I'm targeting less milk and sugar at the moment, two of my most loved foods...
5.      More exercise and Pilates. I've definitely improved my fitness levels by doing much more walking, which I'm pleased with. However, I'm yet to improve my level of Pilates, something which is so helpful for my health (I have a really bad back). Rather than doing Pilates when I'm in pain, I should be doing it regularly to prevent back pain, duh.

To achieve my gaols, I write up a little checklist on a monthly calendar. Each night I check off which goals I have achieved during the day and which ones I didn't achieve. If I achieve everything during the day, I draw a pink box around the day to celebrate my achievement, and treat myself with another square of chocolate. If I'm really struggling to achieve a goal, i.e. stop picking my pimples, I've started to bribe myself. When I can go a whole week without picking a zit, I'm going to reward myself with a NARS Velvet Lip Pencil. I'll get another prize if I can go another two weeks without picking another zit, and once I go a whole month without popping a zit, I'll get another prize. I'll report back on how well this works. 

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