Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Weekend Pamper || DIY Lavender & Tea Tree Pillow Spray

A little DIY product that I have been loving recently is my Lavender & Tea Tree Pillow Spray. I first started off with just tea tree oil for the antibacterial properties, so that I didn't have to change my pillow cases every night as it’s recommended for acne prone skin. Who has time for that anyway?? I thought adding the lavender essential oil would be a nice touch, due to the calming properties it possesses. I usually spray it on my pillows in the morning, so that I don’t have a damp pillow to sleep on.

You will need an old sprayer bottle (typical me, mines an empty Jurlique one) some tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and some tap water. I have used a water soluble tea tree oil, and I plan on buying the lavender version of this once the Jurlique one runs out.

I start by pouring a cap full of the tea tree oil into the bottle. Next I add about 6-10 drops of the lavender essential oil, but this can be altered to your own preference. After that I just fill it up with some tap water. Its probs best to use distilled water if you have any handy. Give it a bit of a shake and your good to go! 

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