Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

So its that time again where we all say "New Year, new me!". I am always setting myself unrealistic goals and resolutions to make the "new me". This year however is for being the best version of myself, rather than a new me. This means no more picking of spots, more exercise and taking a bit more care of my body skin. Very achievable goals I think. 

The new year will bring a couple of new things to this blog hopefully. Firstly, I'm aiming to post more often. This may be the most challenging New Years resolution of the lot as blogging takes a while and a lot of effort. I'll also be running a new feature so that my blog can stand out of the multitude of beauty blogs out there. Irregularly I will be posting about a crafting project that I'm currently working on. I hope you all enjoy reading about the little projects that I do to keep myself entertained year round. 

 I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and 2014 is good to you! 

X Suzy 

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