Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Review || Real Techniques Brushes

With a bit of my Christmas money, I picked up some of the Real Techniques Brushes. Extremely hyped up in the beauty blogging world, yet they laid untouched to me in the isles of Priceline. I grabbed the Setting brush, the Stippling brush and the Duo-Fibre limited edition collection containing the Duo-Fibre face brush, contour and eye brushes. On the whole I love them, the quality is so much better than the other brushes I've tried.

My favourite brush of the bunch is the Setting Brush. Although its intended use is for precision powdering, I like to use it for concealer, particularly under the eyes and around the nose. It does a fantastic job at blending out my MAC Studio Finish concealer to give a very natural yet flawless finish. It also comes in handy when applying mineral foundation around the nose and under the eyes.

The Duo-Fibre face brush is also very good, I've been using it for both translucent powder and mineral foundation. When used for translucent powder it deposits the perfect amount, nothing over cakey or chalky. With mineral foundation, it's a dream to use. This gives my skin such a flawless look, a concealed and even skin tone which looks natural.

The stippling brush is also very good at doing its job of blending out liquid foundations. I'm having a moment with my BareMinerals Foundation Powder, so this brush hasn't had as much use as you would expect. The finish however is just as I would hope, proving medium coverage with a BB Cream or a Tinted Moisturiser.

The Duo Fibre Eye Brush and the Duo Fibre Contour brush are the least used in my collection, mostly because I'm not an everyday wearer of eyeshadow or contour. However, these brushes do their job, blending out eyeshadow and contour nicely. I'm also known to use the contour brush for blush and it does a decent job at that.

It is no question, I love these brushes. The outstanding quality of these brushes apply the product so well, creating flawless makeup. I only have one minor problem: they have a "free standing base" which means that they can stand up on their own, but they can't all fit inside my brush holders. I think I can handle that though. Although I'm pretty well sorted with brushes for a while now, I've got my eye on the fine liner brush which will no doubt make its way into my collection shortly.

Have you tried any of these brushes?

X Suzy

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