Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Weekend Pamper || What's in my bag?

"What's in my bag?" videos are my favourite to watch. There's something about having a good old snoop inside someone else's handbag which intrigues me. A woman's handbag is kind of a life line, and I feel as though you can make a pretty accurate judgement based on her handbag. A big oversized bag filled with everything makes me think that this girl is prepared for every situation. Tiny bags conjure thoughts such as "low key" and "streamlined". I fall into the first stereotype, I'm into the big bags. I envy those who carry so little on a daily basis, but I think of to many questions like  "what if I get a sudden blood nose? I'll need those tissues then" and "what if I get caught in the middle or a tornado? I'll need a hairbrush and some lip balm then".

On to the contents of my bag. I don't tend to carry around that much makeup, I'm not a fan of re-applying makeup during the day in public. The only product I regularly reapply is the Lanolips Lip Colourin Rhubarb (has anyone else noticed these have disappeared off the shelves? I'm praying there only reformulating it...). Some days I find my lips to be super dry so I need the Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Ointment on hand because the Lip Colour just won't cut it. If it's going to be a long, hot day I'll pop the JurliqueCitrus Silk Finishing Powder into my bag for some touch ups. Generally I don't bother however. I also keep the Jurlique Jasmine Body Cream in my bag purely because it's tiny, it works great as a hand cream and as a body cream. Hand sanitiser is another must, currently I'm using the Jurlique one. Just in case I do encounter that tornado I do keep a mini hairbrush, some hair ties and bobby pins in my bag.

Beauty bits aside, you'll also find tissues, Band-Aids, my dairy, iPhone, iPad, wallet, glasses and a water bottle lurking in there. If it's a uni day then a document wallet and a couple of note books join the party. I go between three bags, a brightly coloured embroidered bag from Bali which could fit the entire kitchen sink in, a large black leather bag also from Bali and a medium light blue leather bag which I brought from the leather markets in Italy. I'm looking for a cute backpack and a smaller bag. I aspire to be able to carry around less junk.

What are your handbag essentials?

X Suzy 

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