Sunday, 6 October 2013

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I am a full on beach babe. I love the sun, the sand, and the surf. Did I mention that I love the sun? And I happen to be a fair-skinned-red-haired kinda gall. Sun protection has always been a important to me, in fact, 'hat' was my first word, so that shows you how important protecting my skin was as a child. Of course, it is just as important to keep up the sun protection now, especially as I'm on holiday and my skin is all pasty after the winter months. If you read my latest post, you would know that I'm currently on holiday. I'm writing this post from a sun lounge in 35 degree heat. Once again, I'm on my iPad so there's probably a few typos here and there, and there won't be any links!

I'm not going to even bother giving a lecture on how important it is to look after your skin whilst out in the sun, because I'm sure you have heard it all before. Nor am I going to even attempt to try and explain the science behind SPF, I bearly understand it myself. If you do fancy knowing all the finer details, check out this link:

Starting of with my face, I'm currently slathering on the Clinique Super City Block SPF30+. This is a newie to me, I brought it especially for this trip, but I was using a sample prior to purchasing it. I like it so far but my mind hasn't been quite made up. I like how it's got a tint, but don't let that fool you. It covers hardly anything, but I don't see that as a problem. It is a tad on the greasy side, but for some reason it dosen't look shiny - don't ask how that works. Another facial sunscreen which I've tried and liked is the Olay Complete Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF30+, but this is more greasy than the Clinique. For lips, something which is easily over looked, is the Ego QV Face Lip Balm in SPF30+. This is one of the only lip products which I've found in SPF 30+. I like this, and it's a permanent fixture in my beach bag.

For my body, I usually go for which ever one my mum buys for the family. Our current favorite is the Cancer Council's Everyday Sunscreen in SPF30+. This ticks all my boxes: goes on easily, is Aussie made so it meets all our standards, waterproof, and isn't that greasy. I doubt that there's any sunscreen that isn't greasy and is long lasting. It's a bit like the long-lasting-unsticky lipgloss conundrum.  

There's only so much that creams can do. I'm also a fan of big sunnies, floppy hats and floaty kaftans for added sun protection. My hat is from last year, and I have know idea where it was from, probably a surf shop. When choosing a pair of sunnies, look at the tag, and make sure it has meet some sort of standard. The brands you find in the chemist are great for providing quality sun protection. An added bonus is to find ones which are polarised, meaning there's less glare. I litteraly just sat on my previous pair of sunnies and ducked up to the resort shop to by this new pair. The brand is called Black Ice, and I've seen this brand around in chemists. They check all my boxes: are big, look great, meet the Aussie UV blocking standards, and are polarised. And of course, don't forget a kaftan. Look for something light, breazy, loose fitting and long sleeved.

 Ta Da! My sunscreen and sun protection favorites all written down in one spot, I hope this had provided some tips for you guys!

 X Suzy 

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