Monday, 20 January 2014

The Weekend Pamper || Nail Care Routine

My nails are often envied by my friends and so I thought I'd share my routine this weekend. It's a fairly simple routine, something I enjoy doing every second weekend. I prefer a short square nail, similar to the shape of my cuticle. One tip I've picked up along the way is to replicate the shape of your cuticle when shaping your nail. Rounded cuticles equal rounded nails, square cuticles equal square nails. 

First up, I remove all previous nail polish with some tea tree oil. This works a treat at removing all my nail polish, a tad more elbow grease is required than ordinary nail polish remover, but the all natural nice ingredients overweighs the extra work. I start by trimming my nails with a pair of nail clippers straight across the top. Next I shape my nails using an ordinary emery board. A little bit curved a round the corners and straight along the top. Once that's completed on all ten digits, I lightly smooth, buff and polish my nails with the good old Woolworth's Home Brand Nail Buffer. I'm telling you, this does an amazing job and it's cheap as. I smother my nails in some of the Jurlique Love Balm. Finally I push my cuticles back with an ordinary orange stick and lather my hands in my current favourite hand cream. 

Once all the hand cream and cuticle cream is absorbed, I like to paint my nails. I will always apply OPI's Nail Envy Sensitive, this strengthens the nails and gives a lovely shine. Some weeks I'm happy to leave it at this and give my nails a bit of a break. Most of the time however I'll paint my nails with either Essie Ballet Slippers, OPI Princes's Rules or OPI Suzie and the Life Guard. Can anyone guess what my favourite nail polish colours are? 

X Suzy 

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