Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Monthly Roundup || February 2014

My recent buying habits have been quite slow and I have to say that I'll be like this for the next couple of months. I'm saving my pennies for when it go to Europe in July (I've already got a shopping list!). So I only brought a grand total of 5 cosmetics this month. And yes, I'm am feeling myself.

February Favourites:

The product which wins the most loved product this month is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, something which is helping clear out my skin. It's totally cleared up my forehead, I've got no need to wear foundation there anymore. It's still early days so I'm waiting for it to clear up my cheeks and chin area too. I use this as my morning serum, to prevent any makeup causing blemishes during the day.

Something I've come to love this month is the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush. I think I've mentioned this before, but it's become invaluable for applying my mineral foundation. It buffs the product in to the skin flawlessly, leaving my skin looking natural and uniform. It also a dream to apply translucent powder with, and because it's quite thin, it works wonderfully with powder highlighter.

I've had some nail polish loves also this month, the Barry M nail paint in Mint Green and the Napoleon Perdis nail polish in White Swan. The Barry M is cheap and cheerful, for $5 the colour is decent, it took me three coats to achieve a level of opaqueness which I was happy with.  I got the Napoleon Perdis with their Valentine’s Day set, and I doubt you can buy it separate. The finish of this nail polish is lovely, super shiny and opaque. Someone asked me if it was shellac, that's the sort of finish this nail polish has. It's lasted me four nights and there's a little bit of chipping, nothing to major (it would be a lot better if my job didn't consist of finger painting and chopping up fruit).

This month in blog posts:

I'm glad to tell you that I wrote quite consistently this month. I started my new feature called The Craft Post, and I featured my Patchwork Lace Curtain. I hope you’re all interested in hearing about my crafty projects I whip up. Next I brought you my first “Empties” post. I reviewed my Real Techniques Brushes and my favourite shampoo and conditioner in Feb. I also wrote quite a detailed post about those products which I just love and can always count on to perform. The body skincare bits also got a mention this month, particularly because it’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to look after it a bit more. You got to see the makeup which I applied daily in summer. And lucky you, you got a peek inside my handbag.

Hope you all had a great February!
X Suzy  

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