Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Skincare || Evening Skincare Routine #1

Naming this post proved to be a difficult one. I always do my skin for the evening as soon as I get home from whatever I've been doing that day. So it’s not necessarily in the evening. But a “Midday skincare routine” wouldn't be quite the same, right? It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this post, the reason being is that I wasn't quite happy with my routine. Actually, my routine is still missing one element: an exfoliating toner. Hello REN ClarifyingToning Lotion (its number one on my wish list). So without further delay, here is my (almost complete) evening skincare routine.

First point of call is to remove all my makeup. Starting off with on cotton wipe soaked in Bioderma, I sweep it all over my eyes. I take another Bioderma-soaked-cotton-wipe and wipe it all over my face. Next up is cleansing, where the Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser comes into play. I take half a pump and slosh it all over my face. A wet flannel is then taken and rubbed all over my face for a bit of subtle exfoliation. I repeat this step again with a smaller amount of cleanser. Every third night or so I will give my skin some more thorough exfoliation. This comes in the form of the Aesop TeaTree Leaf Exfoliator. This one is quite an unusual exfoliator, it comes as a powder which you add to a gel or cream cleanser. This works fabulously to get rid of all the grime which is blocking my pores. You can also alter the amount of exfoliation you want but altering how much you use.

Post cleansing and exfoliating is my 'treatment' section. Here I apply a range of blemish creams to my various skin conditions. I'm planning to put a separate post up about my treatments, (there are so many) so look out for that!

Moving on to toning, I have two options here, including the Jurlique Calendula Lotion and the Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner. I'm going off then Calendula Lotion, as it has a lot of alcohol in it. I'm not using it as regularly as before, and I haven't noticed a big difference in my skin. Once I finish this bottle, I won't be repurchasing. The Trilogy however, is a nice alcohol free alternative - but nothing special.

The final step in my routine is to moisturise my skin. Firstly I use a pea sized amount of the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream around my eye area. Next up is one pump of the Jurlique Herbal RecoveryAdvanced Serum (as raved about here)which is followed by a dollop of the Calendula Cream from Jurlique. When applying my Calendula cream I do a bit of a Caroline Hirons inspired facial massage, with a few moves of my own thrown in there. Finally, I use 2-3 drops of the Sukin Rose Hip Oil just before I go to bed.

All up this takes me about 10-15 mins to do. And I love it, my skin is looking so amazing at the moment. My routine is at a point where I'm really happy with it and I'm looking forward to adding an exfoliating toner to my routine. I hope you found this useful I'm some way!

X Suzy

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