Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Skincare || Skin Treatments

As mentioned in my Evening Skincare Routine #1 post last week, my treatments section of my routine has so many bits and bobs that it requires its own post. Depending on what my skin needs (usually pimple busting) various treatments are taped on the localised area.

Most of my spot treatments are related to blemish solving, and there is a treatment for each sort of pimple. The Jurlique Blemish Cream comes in handy on those inflamed and swollen pimples. This is by far the favourite of the bunch, smells like tea tree oil and is so effective. It is also very useful for those under the skin blemishes. The Jurlique Purifying Mask works even better on these types of pimples but I like to leave this on overnight.  The Origins Super Spot Remover is perfect for tiny whiteheads and blocked pores thanks to the 1.5% salicylic acid. I am quite prone to popping pimples *slaps self on the back of the hand* and the Calendula Cream form Jurlique is the perfect cream to help the skin repair its self.

Pimple busting aside, I am left with two more problems: scaring and sometimes a random patch of dryness. I've recently been using the Sukin Rose Hip oil to combat the scaring, which has been quite effective. As for those random patches of dry skin, the Calendula Cream is their best friend. 

All these creams and lotions are put on after toning and before my serum to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Before I go to bed, another dose is applied.

X Suzy

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