Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Weekend Pamper || Pink & Sparkly

The nail polish combo that I have been rocking recently is OPI's Suzie and the Lifeguard and a statement nail of the Maybelline Sequins Rose Bling. The OPI is very sheer, so I have applied two thick coats. I do like the colour, a soft pink with a subtle shimmer but I must admit the name sold it to me. How could I resist? Me and a lifeguard?! The Maybelline is obviously very glittery with some small pieces of glitter and some big pieces of glitter.


On a different finger on each hand I painted the Maybelline on top of the OPI. I absolutely love this look, the statement nail makes it wearable for every day. On my left hand I've got the glitter on my thumb, and on my right hand I've got it on my pinkie finger. This has been on my tips for about two weeks now, which is a bit of a record for me, just shows you how much I'm loving it!

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